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Extreme Mowing is an environmental brush and forestry mowing service. We utilize low ground pressure and high speed mulching machines to clear unwanted trees and underbrush in a safer, more environmentally-friendly way.

Our competitive edge is that our machinery can restore property inaccessible to a tractor or bushhog. Unlike bulldozers that tear up the soil, our machine leaves soil structures intact, eliminating erosion and runoff pollution. Feeder roots of neighboring trees are not disturbed, saving the keeper trees from dying due to root damage. Our mulching process also eliminates burning and the added cost of hauling, dumping and chipping debris. This saves our clients money! Our machinery efficiently mulches trees and stumps to the ground, creating a park-like effect leaving only nutrient-rich mulch behind.

Our target markets are private land owners, land developers and contractors, commercial realtors, oil exploration companies and utility companies. This service can be used for right of way (R.O.W.) pipeline/highline, seismic exploration, wildlife habitat, park maintenance, pasture renovation, fire breaks, survey lines, invasive species, foresters, fence lines and communication tower sights.

We have built relationships with numerous clients and have made contacts with business people in the land clearing industry all over the south. We have references and we have completed many projects. We recently showcased our services at a lawn and garden show and a Homebuilders association's home products show, where we generated several job opportunities. The public showed much interest because many landowners now know this service is available. Many said that they had to clear their property by hand because a tractor could not do it.

This industry is growing rapidly across the nation along with technology. Fortunately we seem to have a jump on the market in our area. We are the only forestry mowing service advertising locally, though many have told me they saw this process elseware. We have befriended others in this business around the nation, including contractors and manufacturer representatives. We expect that others will soon enter the market but as of now, heavy equipment contractors are the only competition. Land clearing contractors are struggling with high fuel cost, burn bands, haul off and land fill cost. That is why the mulching method will rapidly increase.

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